Dougie Poynter is not engaged to Ellie Goulding.

The McBusted singer has denied rumours that himself and the 'Burn' hitmaker were set to tie the knot.

Ellie was spotted wearing a gold ring on the third finger of her left hand last week and when asked if it was an engagement ring, Dougie replied: ''No. It was just a ring that fit on that finger.

''It didn't really look like an engagement though, did it?''

His bandmate, Harry Judd, joked to Digital Spy: ''That would have been a lame engagement ring Doug.''

Rumours began when an insider recently revealed that the couple are getting more serious.

The source previously said: ''They must have talked about it. If Dougie was to ask, I'm almost certain Ellie's answer would be yes.

''Dougie's seen all of his friends get married and he'd surely love to do the same, for both of them it seems they've found 'the one'.''

Meanwhile, Ellie has praised her boyfriend's ''incredible'' voice and has admitted she wishes he'd sing more.

She recently said: ''He has got a really amazing voice. I'm always going on about male voices that I discover, incredible male vocals, etc. His voice literally makes me melt, and he doesn't believe me!

''He has the most incredible voice, but you don't hear it 'cos he doesn't sing much on their stuff. I wish he would sing more. I think he's just a little bit shy!

''When he sings I just, like, collapse. I love his voice so much.''