Messy Hollywood director Doug Liman narrowly missed appearing in makeover TV show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, after pals pleaded with him to smarten up.

The Bourne Identity movie maker agreed to apply for the hit NBC programme after his friends complained he looked too scruffy.

Liman tells NEW YORK magazine, "Anyone who knows me has recommended Queer Eye for me.

"But one friend actually sent me the application, and I filled it out. They were going to remake me for my Passover Seder. But my movie (MR AND MRS SMITH) didn't finish shooting until May (04), so we missed the window."

According to sources on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith, the film's star Brad PITT only agreed to sign up for the romantic thriller on the condition Liman was 'Queer Eye'd'.

Liman hopes to get made over next year (05).

05/07/2004 17:19