EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND star Doris Roberts has found a huge downside to being a showbiz veteran - there's hardly anyone in her age group working anymore.

The 75-year-old actress, whose entertainment career has so far lasted 50 years, is disappointed to see the days have passed where older stars could be as successful as their more youthful counterparts.

She says, "There are no people in my age group out there anymore. It used to be... the second banana in every movie was somebody middle aged and funny. You'd have the people like Thelma Ritter and JIMMY GLEASON. They were funny and that's what's missing out there. There's no older people.

"No one's writing them, nobody's seeing them. You don't see a face of anybody over the age of 45 on any magazine cover."

Roberts admits the current climate makes her wonder where her career will go once Everybody Loves Raymond comes to an end next year (05).

She adds, "I've got eight more shows to go, and who knows?"

11/11/2004 09:13