Reclusive movie icon Doris Day has slammed reports her memory is fading following the release of a scathing biography of the star.
Author David Kaufman studied the enigmatic actress/singer - real name Doris Mary Ann Von Kappelhoff - for his book Doris Day: The Untold Story of The Girl Next Door, insisting she wants nothing to do with Hollywood and has lost touch with reality.
The actress, 84, has tucked herself away in an 11-acre estate on the California coastline - where she now goes by the name Clara Kappelhoff, a nickname she says was given to her by a former co-star.
Kaufman told the Los Angeles Times newspaper last month (Jul08) upon his book's release: "She feels so completely disassociated from who Doris Day was. She signs her notes as Clara, she answers the phone as Clara."
The on-screen legend was recently photographed looking fatigued while out shopping in Carmel, California - reigniting reports of her bizarre behaviour, including picking up stray cats and dogs to keep her company on her massive plot of land.
However, a spokesperson for the actress has denied the claims made by Kaufman, insisting Kappelhoff is as "sharp as a tack".