Reclusive movie icon Doris Day is so keen to turn her back on her Hollywood past, she insists friends call her Clara and avoid all talk about her image as America's sweetheart.
Biographer David Kaufman has studied the enigmatic actress/singer for a new book, Doris Day: The Untold Story of The Girl Next Door and insists she wants nothing to do with Hollywood.
Now known for her animal activism, Day leads a quiet life in coastal Carmel, California and refused to speak to Kaufman, a respected film critic, for his tome.
So he turned to her friends for a glimpse of what Day has become.
He tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper, "She feels so completely disassociated from who Doris Day was.
"She signs her notes as Clara, she answers the phone as Clara."
Kaufman claims Clara is a nickname she was given by her Tea For Two co-star Billy DeWolfe. Day's birth name is Doris Mary Ann Von Kappelhoff.