The Doobie Brothers will donate proceeds from their Doobie Red Wine to America's NATIONAL VETERANS FOUNDATION for the next five-years in memory of late drummer KEITH KNUDSEN.

Knudsen played with the band on a string of hits including TAKING IT TO The Streets and BLACK WATER and he is credited with pushing the band to reform in 1987. He died of pneumonia earlier this month (08FEB05) aged 56.

Manager BRUCE COHN says in a statement, "The National Veterans Foundation and founder SHAD MESHAD were very close to Keith, the band and me."

Since 1987, the band has given more than $1 million (GBP526,000) to the foundation.

Doobie Red is packaged as a three-bottle collector's set featuring the Doobie Brothers' album and CD artwork.

21/02/2005 09:41