Former teen star Donny Osmond has taken aim at pop sensation Miley Cyrus over the HANNAH MONTANA star's controversial new Vanity Fair magazine spread, insisting the youngster will regret her provocative topless photo.
Cyrus sparked outrage at the beginning of the week (beg28Apr08) when the first images from her Annie Leibovitz shoot appeared online.
One shot in particularly - of a topless Cyrus, posing bare-backed, wrapped in a satin sheet - prompted the singer/actress to apologise to fans.
And, while many stars like Madonna, Rosie O'Connell and Sally Field have rushed to defend Cyrus in the midst of the photo scandal, Osmond is convinced the 15-year-old went "too far".
He says, "That child's not being protected. She's going to regret that years from now. I've lost a little faith in Miley Cyrus - too drastic for my liking.
"That's being foolish with your career
"Exactly what's happening is what they wanted to happen - everybody's talking about it, and, in my opinion, it's the cheap way to go to change the image.
"It'll be very interesting to see the next move... It probably hurts really bad right now; she's thinking, 'What did I do? What have I done?'"