Donnie Wahlberg is convinced he's owed money by the makers of THE SIXTH SENSE - because so many people saw the film twice just to make sure it was really him in it.

The former NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK singer stunned many film fans with his portrayal of the emaciated VINCENT GREY - and has been told by thousands of fans that they went back to see the film again just to watch his performance.

He says, "I can't tell you how many times people have approached me about that movie and they all said the same thing. 'I didn't know that was you man, I had to see it twice.'

"Those guys owe me money because if everybody who saw it twice really did because of me - to find out if it really was me - it'd be a lot of money."

Wahlberg is currently experiencing a similar reaction after his performance as a mentally-challenged hero in new movie DREAMCATCHER.