Donnie Wahlberg was the ''good son'' growing up.

The 44-year-old actor watched many of his siblings, including fellow famous brother Mark Wahlberg, arrested numerous times while a youngster in Massachusetts, but the 'Blue Bloods' star tried not to follow in their mischievous footsteps.

He said: ''Most of my interaction with the police when I was young was when they arresting my family members. Fortunately, I was rarely in their cars myself. I was the god son, I guess ... I didn't like being in trouble.''

While Donnie worked hard to stay out of trouble, his family's criminal reputation often led to him being stopped and searched by local police officers.

He recalled: ''I still knew all the cops from my area because they had arrested all my brothers, so when I walked down the street they would watch me to see if I had a knife and check what I was up to.

''Luckily, I was usually going to baseball or something else productive.''

The actor's run-ins with the law have prepared him well for his role as police detective Danny Reagan in hit show 'Blue Bloods', a part he feels he was destined to play.

He told the Metro newspaper: ''I think now that I am in my forties I'm playing the role I was born to play and I can finally be convincing as a policeman or detective.''