Donna Karan says her latest collection is more "lifestyle-driven".

The designer has created more casual pieces in her new range after deciding her clothes needed to appeal to the everyday woman.

She told WWD: "You try to put 35 girls on the runway each season and make it look so concise, artistically and communication-wise, but then you look at the whole person and what is really needed in her closet? What is her passion and what are her desires? In thinking about her life, it became more apparent to me that we needed more of a lifestyle-driven collection.

"I think their adaptation to a relaxed way of life has a more fashionable twist to it. It's not just a T-shirt any longer. A T-shirt has to have so much more meaning. It has to have the drape to it, the ease to it, The Edge to it. A pant is not just a pant, but there has to be the seaming of it, the Suede detail, the distressed quality, the washes of the fabric."

Donna admits she and her team have been working on a lifestyle brand for a while, but were just finding the right time to launch it.

She said: "This is putting together a lifestyle point of view. It's something we have been working on but now it's being framed in such a way that it balances into the collection. No question about it, it could stand independently."