Donna Karan created DKNY so her daughter would stop borrowing her clothes.

The 64-year-old designer founded the global brand, based on her 'Donna Karan New York' line, so younger women like her daughter Gabby - who she had with her first husband, Mark Karan - were able to afford good quality clothing.

She said: ''I created DKNY because of Gabby. She kept borrowing my clothes and I was like, 'This has got to stop!' She has a very innate sense of style.''

While Gabby hasn't followed in her mother's footsteps, Donna thinks her granddaughter might do since she has a keen eye for fashion.

She explained: ''She hasn't gone into fashion but her daughter is showing a real interest in it, so I guess its skipped a generation.''

Although DKNY's current collection for autumn/winter 2013 revolves around layering the outfit around a simple jersey, the fashionista feels she always makes sure her future collections continue to evolve.

Donna told InStyle magazine: ''This season is all about layering. You start with a jersey base, then you put on a top or trousers, and then a capelet or some shearling. The neutral palette makes it very easy to mix things up.

''I've never been one of those designers who sits in a gilded cage and goes 'Oh, I feel like designing puff skirts today.' The look is always evolving and I'm constantly learning. At the end of each collection I always put on my press releases 'To be continued'.''