Iconic fashion designer Donatella Versace has found a new soulmate in stylish Scot CHRISTOPHER KANE, likening their close friendship to the bond she shared with her late brother, Gianni Versace.
The 55 year old vice-president of the Versace clothing brand hired Kane in 2006 after becoming impressed by the then-graduate student's first collection.
They have worked closely on the top Italian label ever since, and Donatella admits Kane is the only person whose opinion she truly trusts.
And their working relationship has fast developed into a tight friendship, reminiscent of Donatella's relationship with her older sibling Gianni, who was tragically murdered in 1997.
She tells W magazine, "I never thought I'd find anybody I could trust like I trust Christopher. And now it's so strange. I start to say a sentence and he (would) finish it - just like me and Gianni."