Italian designer Donatella Versace has ditched her fashion label's trademark glamour in favour of casual chic - because her newfound sobriety has shown her there's more to life than partying.

The Versace brand is famed for its decadent evening dresses and bold statements, but a newly sober and drug-free Donatella has refocused on pared down elegance for the latest collection.

A high profile advertising campaign featuring superstars Demi Moore and Madonna heralds Versace's new fashion era and Donatella's new frame of mind.

She says, "Life isn't always a red carpet - in fact in most cases it never is. A woman needs a great pair of trousers and a good coat more often than she needs an evening gown.

"We all used to take clothes so seriously - this is a serious business but at the end of the day it is just a frock."

14/07/2005 01:56