Fashion icon Donatella Versace has blown apart her public persona - by insisting she's a shy woman who likes to stay at home.

The blonde 45-year-old is quick to rubbish reports she's a regular party girl with a host of celebrity pals. Instead, the sister of slain designer Gianni Versace likes nothing better than time at home with her beloved children ALLEGRA and DANIEL.

She says, "Yes, I am shy. Most of the time I'm bored at parties. I want to leave.

"My real friends are not very famous. I don't go to parties for fun. I go to parties for work. In my real life, I like to spend time with a few friends at home, eating with them, watching videos, gossiping, talking.

"And I like to stay home with my children - we talk about music and movies. We talk about everything.

"That's my idea of a perfect day - being with the kids, no phones, just shopping or watching football."

26/01/2004 20:57