Donatella Versace won't open a Versace museum.

The Italian fashion designer has no plans to put her luxury brand's collections on display for the public and wants to keep the process of creating new clothes organic and tailored to their high-end customers' expectations.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''We keep one of every item for our archives, but while I love museums, I prefer to see my clothes on living bodies. Originally when we re-launched couture just over a year ago, I thought selling it wasn't really the point. It was more about re-focusing on our DNA. But there is a luxury customer who is looking for the very best.

''Ultimately this isn't about red carpet or museums. It's about the 40 people who work full time in our atelier and it's about experimentation and most important of all, about keeping craft alive.''

Donatella has just debuted her new spring/summer line at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week and admitted she was inspired by the industrial-looking Centorial building at the heart of the French capital where the show was staged.

She said of the contemporary setting: ''I was totally taken with the way the fragility of the glass contrasted with the strength of that solid structure.''

The highlight of the fashion house's collection was an intricately-worked mink coat which featured mirror, python and crystal embroidery and took 500 hours to craft, and Donatella hopes celebrities will be inspired to become more daring with their fashion choices this season.

She explained: ''I think red carpet dressing can be safe and a bit boring. I'm all for classy dressing but not classic dresses.''