The legendary designer was behind singer Bruno’s outfit when he took to the stage for the halftime show on Sunday (07Feb16). Donatella certainly achieved her goal, with Bruno rocking a leather shirt and trousers with thick gold chains and circular lens sunglasses.

“When you're making a look that will be seen by millions all over the world, you need a message that's bold and strong,” Donatella explained to The Hollywood Reporter. “As with many things in fashion, we had to work fast, but it was so much fun to create.”

Bruno was singing with Beyonce and Coldplay, with the trio of musical acts putting on a storming show. Bruno’s black and gold look matched perfectly with Beyonce’s, though rocker Chris Martin kept his vibe more laid back than high fashion.

Donatella regularly works with Bruno, and along with the Super Bowl outfit she was responsible for the silk shirt he wore from her label at the recent MTV VMAs.

“I fell in love with Bruno when I saw him perform at the Met Gala (in 2012),” she recalled. “He is like an explosion on the stage, so energetic and so totally natural. Bruno is everything that I love — a genius whose talent is innate, so strong that he can't keep it in. It's like he has to perform, and it is a pleasure for me to see him do so in Versace.”

However there were new challenges for the designer this time around; namely that Bruno was required to sing and dance in his stage outfit.

“When we create outfits for performers on stage, we always think about how they are going to move, what the pieces should do for them,” she explained. “We talked with Bruno about the look he wanted to achieve, and also what the performance would be like. As with every performer, it's about helping them to be their best and be a true star.”