Donatella Versace has designed a sunglasses collection to honour her late brother's ''aura''.

The 62-year-old designer became vice president of the Versace group after her brother, Gianni Versace, was murdered outside his Miami home in 1997, and following the success of her Spring/Summer 2018 Tribute Collection created in his memory - which used supermodels he helped catapult to fame at the height of his success, like Naomi Campbell - she has now extended the collection of ''perfect'' eyewear designs to complete the look.

Speaking to, she explained: ''When I designed the Tribute collection I also thought about the accessories, not only bags and shoes, but the eyewear as the perfect complement to each look.''

The Tribute collection was inspired by Gianni's ''risk-taking, his innovative genius, and above all his allegiance to women'' and Donatella dug deep into the fashion house's archives to resurrect her late brother's iconic original prints - such as the signature gold medusa head, kaleidoscopic chain prints and the Trésor de la Mer print - to create the range of sunglasses that add an ''aura of mystery'' to anyone who wears them.

She said: ''These prints were the starting point to create the collection, and the element that I used to pay homage to the work of my brother. They complete the look and give an instant aura of mystery and seduction to any woman wearing them.''