Donatella Versace carries the keys to her late brother's home everywhere.

The fashion designer - whose sibling Gianni was murdered outside his Miami house in 1997 - feels more ''secure'' by having the keyring, which she was given after his death, in her bag wherever she goes.

She told Grazia magazine: ''I took those keys and I never gave them back. Having them with me makes me feel confident - secure.''

The 59-year-old Italian also ''always'' has a change of jewellery with her, but never takes precautions to keep the valuables secure as she doesn't think would-be thieves would expect her to carry such expensive goods in her handbag.

She added: ''I always have a change of jewellery in my bag. And no, I don't lock it. Nobody would ever think I would carry rings.''

The designer claims her bag is always heavy because she insists on carrying so much with her.

She said: ''I have the heaviest bag ever. First I put lipgloss in - that's very important. Then my iPad, three iPhones - two business, one personal.

''I used to carry three packets [of cigarettes] and maybe four lighters, but I quit. Now I have e-cigarettes.''