Versace has branded a new biopic about Donatella Versace ''a work of fiction.''

The upmarket fashion label has hit out against 'House of Versace', which tells the story of the fashion legacy Donatella has created, while also documenting her struggles following the murder of her brother Gianni Versace in 1997.

The film is an adaptation of Deborah Ball's 2010 novel 'House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder and Survival', with actress Gina Gershon cast as the leading lady.

A spokesperson told WWD: ''Since Versace did not authorise the book on which it is based, the movie should only be seen as a work of fiction.

''Versace has neither authorised nor had any involvement whatsoever in the forthcoming TV movie about Mrs. Versace.''

In a short clip in the trailer, Gina is seen trying to entice onlookers to shop in the store. Speaking in an Italian accent, she says: ''It's Versace, ladies. Why don't you go by the store? Your husbands will be happy.''

The former Bond girl was initially reluctant to take the part because Donatella is ''bit of a caricature'', however, when she realised there was a family element to it, she warmed to the plot.

She previously said: ''I was like, 'There's no way I'm touching that', just because when we think of Donatella, you think, 'Oh, she's so flamboyant, she's a bit of a caricature.' But then I read the script and I just thought, it's really a family drama at the end of the day and I found it so compelling.''