Christopher Kane has praised Donatella Versace as a great mentor.

The Scottish designer has collaborated with the acclaimed fashionista for the Versus collection and explained he would love to "download her brain" because she has such a wealth of fashion knowledge.

He told WWD: "I learned a lot working for Donatella and for such a huge fashion house. She is really easy to work with. I come in with the ideas, my sketchbook, research and we go through it, one piece at a time, and she always gets it. She is open-minded, and there's nothing she hasn't seen. It would be great to download her brain, to plug Donatella in and get all her information."

After designing a Clutch bag to accompany his fall collection, Christopher revealed he now plans to create an entire handbag line.

He said: "We did a great little liquid clutch reminiscent of pencil cases I had as a kid. This made us think that we should build on that platform, and create that bag that is a great classic and can go from season to season."