A recent story that Donald Trump left a waiter at Santa Monica restaurant The Buffalo Club a $10,000 tip was a hoax fabricated by a new website, Derober.com, the Los Angeles Times disclosed today (Tuesday). Among outlets carrying the phony report were FoxNews.com, Defamer, E! Online, and the Huffington Post. In a telephone interview with the Times, John Resig, who launched the website with his brother Leo, remarked, "How many people get on the front page of Fox News with a story that doesn't contain one single ounce of truth?" In fact, the story remained displayed on the FoxNews.com homepage for hours. Resig pointed out that not a single person connected with any of the websites that ran his story had contacted him to verify it. "There was no effort made at due diligence. Which would've taken, by the way, like two minutes and a cellphone. Like, really." The only calls he received, he said, were from websites asking permission to run the story.