Property tycoon-turned-reality TV king Donald Trump is helping struggling unemployed Americans get back to work on the new season of his The Apprentice show - all the contestants will be jobless.
The 16 contestants have all recently lost their jobs amid the world economic crisis and they're desperate to find employment.
Trump, the host and executive producer of The Apprentice, reveals some of the hopefuls competing for work on the 10th season of his hit show are Ivy League graduates.
The New York-based billionaire says, "We've had a great run on The Apprentice but we wanted to go back to real life. We wanted to show how bad the economy and these are people who are down and out, they're really in trouble.
"Some of them have great educations and had great jobs... but they have nothing right now. One man has five children and a wife; he had a good income, he has absolutely no income right now."
And Trump is impressed with the contestants: "They're amazing. In virtually every one of the instances that we have to 16 people, it's not their fault. They were let go because the economy is horrible... What's happening to the country is happening to these people."