Property tycoon Donald Trump is such a big advocate for prenuptial agreements, he believes only a "nut" wouldn't sign one.

Trump, star of hit reality show The Apprentice, lost $25 million (GBP13.8 million) to first wife IVANA in 1990 and made sure he signed a pre-nup with second wife Marla Maples, who walked away with just $2 million (GBP1.1 million).

And now that he's engaged to Slovenian beauty MELINIA KNAUSS, he's preparing to once more to go through the pre-nup procedure.

He says, "I've written about it. You have to have a pre-nup. It's a terrible, ugly document, but if you don't get one signed you're a nut; you have something wrong.

"I'm gonna have a great wife, but in my world... it's very tough. Doing a business deal is easy, doing a pre-nup is very tough. 'Darling I love you, there's never been anybody like you. By the way, just in case we happen to get divorced, would you sign this?'

"There's nothing good about a pre-nup, except you sort of need it. I know friends of mine who were just absolutely destroyed by not having 'em. I'm sure I won't need it, but... it's a good thing to have."

Knauss has yet to sign a pre-nup.

08/09/2004 21:14