Property tycoon Donald Trump has slammed Cameron Diaz's decision to sue US tabloid the NATIONAL ENQUIRER for $30 million (GBP15.8 million) damages for reporting she cheated on boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - because he believes it's true.

Attorneys for both Diaz and TV producer SHANE NICKERSON have filed a joint lawsuit, according to Los Angeles Superior Court documents obtained by US news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, which could leave Enquirer bosses with a hefty $60 million (GBP31.6 million) bill.

The pair worked together on MTV travel show TRIPPIN' and claim they were slandered in the front-page May (05) article, which featured 25 photos of Diaz and Nickerson - some of which depicted them hugging - and featured captions insinuating they had commited adultery, because Nickerson is married.

But Trump fears Diaz's case could backfire, because the Enquirer has vowed to defend the case "aggressively".

He says, "I have a feeling that when they print something, it's right on the button.

"Cameron, you may want to avoid hugging strange men in the bushes, because the National Enquirer will get you every time."

10/06/2005 17:00