LATEST: Donald Trump has vowed to fight "unpatriotic" local councillors who are threatening to fine him for putting up a massive American flag outside his Mar-a-Lago Club resort in Palm Beach, Florida. The Apprentice star erected an 80 foot (24 metre) flag pole to display his 15-by-25 foot flag (4.6-by-7.6 metre), which is 15 times larger than local zoning laws allow, at a cost of $150,000 (GBP83,000). Officials insist Trump needed a building permit and Landmarks Preservation Commission approval for the oversize flag and pole. Trump tells the New York Daily News, "They want me to take down the American flag, and I'm simply not going to do it. We'll fight this, I'm not budging on that flag. "How can you regulate a flag? How can you regulate patriotism? I'm an American. You don't need a permit for an American flag. "The flag is not going anywhere and that's final."