Real-estate tycoon Donald Trump is facing another lawsuit - a former employee is suing The Apprentice star for allegedly exploiting her labour.
Lucy Messerschmidt, a former hostess at Trump's Los Angeles golf club, filed suit against the businessman in L.A.'s Superior Court on Tuesday (02Dec08) and is looking for at least $15,000 (GBP10,000) in lost wages, damages and fees, reports
The 45-year-old is suing the Trump National Golf Club over a number of alleged labour violations, claiming she wasn't given 10-minute paid breaks, 30-minute unpaid lunch breaks, or a chance to use the bathroom during her eight-hour shifts - all of which are required by California law.
Messerschmidt also claims she was fired because of age discrimination - she had previously complained about her shifts being cut down due to a club manager allegedly wanting "fresh faces" and "young girls" working at the facility.
Trump was the target of a lawsuit last week (28Nov08), accusing him of defaulting on a $640 million (GBP427.2 million) construction loan for a Chicago, Illinois property.