Donald Trump is being sued by one of the former contestants of his reality TV show The Apprentice for being 'ageist'.

Richard Hewett, who was 49-years-old when he left the show, believes that he was rejected by the 60-year-old businessman because of his age.

He claims that only two of the finalists in six series have been over the age of 40 and has filed a lawsuit in US district court.

"People watching (the show) get the impression that if you want to work for a big organisation like the Trump Organisation you have to be young," Mr Hewett said.

"The outcome I'm looking for would be to see a recognition on their part that it's in everyone's interest to expand the diversity of the candidates on the show."

Billionaire Trump has dismissed the claims, saying in a statement: "We have had very few people over a certain age apply to be on the show. If they did and we liked them, we would love to cast them on the show."

09/01/2007 17:06:58