Donald Trump is being sued by a man who claims he was rejected from US TV show The Apprentice because of his age. RICHARD HEWETT, 49 - who failed to get on the show in 2005 - has filed a lawsuit at US District Court under the Age Discrimination in Employment. He points out just two finalists across six series of the reality show have been over the age of 40. Hewlett says, "People watching (the show) get the impression that if you want to work for a big organisation like the Trump Organization you have to be young. "The outcome I'm looking for would be to see a recognition on their part that it's in everyone's interest to expand the diversity of the candidates on the show. "Trump dismisses the accusation, claiming in a statement, "We have had very few people over a certain age apply to be on the show. "If they did and we liked them, we would love to cast them on the show."