Tycoon Donald Trump has lashed out at comedienne ROSIE O'DONNELL again - insisting she is a "very abusive person".
The Apprentice creator and millionaire businessman hit out at The View star after U.S. tabloid The Globe reported she was bullying her children in an abusive manner.
And Trump, who has had a long-running feud with the fiery star after she commented on his financial situation on TV in 2006, agrees with the tabloid's allegations - branding O'Donnell "a slob" and "a bully".
He tells Access Hollywood, "Well I think Rosie is a very abusive person. She's a slob and I'm not surprised to see it.
"I would imagine that being her son is not fun. I know Rosie very well… She's a very bad person."
O'Donnell has hit back at The Globe's photos, which show her grabbing her 12-year-old son's arm while in an apparent argument with the child.
She and her lesbian partner Kelli Carpenter mocked the speculation, telling fans on her blog site, ""Kelli, come say 'Hi' to the bloggers. Honey, come say hi! Are you scared of my abusive parenting ways honey?"
Carpenter explained, "I would assume that any mother that has a 12 or 13-year-old boy has grabbed him by the arm."