Donald Trump's tips given out to contestants on his reality show THE Apprentice are now being used by business schools across America in their degree programs.

The show, which features the billionaire property tycoon sifting through a list of hopefuls wanting to work within his empire, has now inspired professors to use fundamentals from the TV hit in the lecture halls.

DENISE SCHOENBACHLER, chair of Northern Illinois University's marketing department, says, "Business as a discipline and an academic study area is on the rise. And things like this that are innovative and unique get students excited."

Students in Schoenbachler's Marketing Apprentice class competed for scholarship money by selling football tickets and raising money for troops in Iraq.

Trump himself has said he's impressed with his reality show's classroom appeal at schools such as Babson College in Massachusetts, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and Ohio State University in Columbus.

10/11/2004 09:08