Property tycoon Donald Trump has been fined $16,250 (GBP8,240) for breaking several codes and ordinances in Palm Beach, Florida by flying a supersized American flag atop an 80-foot (24.4-mete) flagpole. Town officials voted six to one yesterday (18JAN07) to hit The Apprentice star with a $1,250 (GBP634) fine for each day he's flown the flag since 6 January (07). Last month (DEC06), Trump filed a $25 million (GBP12.7 million) lawsuit against the town, claiming its ordinances violate his right to "free speech and expression". Trump fumes, "They want me to pay a daily fee for the privilege to fly the American flag, or preferably, they want me to rip it down. I'm just not going to do it." However, MARTIN FRIED of the town's Code Enforcement Board tells the New York Daily News, "I think Mr Trump, the property owner, picked this fight. I think he's been provocative."