Donald Trump has hit out at reports he offered TV rival ROSIE O'DONNELL a spot on his show CELEBRITY APPRENTICE. The pair have been feuding since Trump appeared on O'Donnell's former show The View - but it was recently claimed Trump had offered O'Donnell the chance to appear on his show, in a bid to mend their friendship. But the billionaire maintains the offer was never made - although he would love to have the chance to "fire her fat a**". He says, "No, I never offered Rosie a chance to be on 'Celebrity Apprentice. "It's a good idea. Because I would fire her fat a**. She would definitely not last more than one show . . . I would love to fire Rosie, but I don't want her on the show. "Everybody has been calling me and driving me crazy because they want to be on the show. We'll be announcing who we've chosen maybe over the next three or four weeks."