Real-estate mogul Donald Trump has hit back at claims he is exploiting the names of his Hollywood pals to gain support for the construction of a $2 billion golf course in Scotland.
The business tycoon has been ordered by Scottish officials to wait until the end of the year (08) to hear whether he will be able to press ahead to build the "world's greatest golf course" in Aberdeen - after its plans were met with strong opposition from environmental protesters.
Trump's plans for the luxury 18-hole golf course include a 450-room, five-star hotel, 900 vacation homes and 500 luxury homes costing up to $2 million (GBP1million) each.
In a forthcoming segment on U.S. TV, New York-based host Mickey Foote gripes: "They dream they're gonna be in the jacuzzi with Tiger Woods. They're gonna be bumping into Johnny Depp on Union Street. Sean Connery's gonna have an apartment here. All Donald's friends are gonna come and buy real estate here. That's bulls**t. He knows that. But the suckers in Aberdeen have gone for it, big time."
Trump snaps: "I've had many people over the years that have opposed me. And you know what? They end up being my best friend. Let's see what happens."
The findings of the inquiry will be reported to the Scottish government in the coming months, but an official decision is not expected until the end of the year (08).