LATEST: Property mogul Donald Trump could face further questioning in America's federal court after officials in West Palm Beach, Florida, requested his $25 million (GBP13 million) flag-pole lawsuit be dealt with by the higher court. Last month (DEC06), Trump filed a $25 million (GBP12.7 million) county court lawsuit against the town, claiming the area's rules and planning regulations violate his right to "free speech and expression" - and now officials want the federal court to rule on the case. Trump fumed, "They want me to pay a daily fee for the privilege to fly the American flag, or preferably, they want me to rip it down. I'm just not going to do it." The Apprentice star has flown a flag on an "illegal" 80 foot pole since 3 October (06) at his Mar-a-Lago Club, and has been threatened with a $1250 (GBP641) per day fine until the offending pole is removed. West Palm Beach had given Trump until 27 November to remove the flag or apply for approvals.