Business tycoon-turned-reality TV star Donald Trump has become a big fan of his CELEBRITY APPRENTICE contestant BRET MICHAELS - because the rocker is such "a fighter".
Michaels made it to the final of the reality TV show before a triple health crisis threatened to end his life.
Now, after battling an appendectomy, brain haemorrhage and a mini-stroke brought on by a hole in his heart, the Poison rock star is expected to appear on the live finale on Sunday night (23May10) - and Trump couldn't be more impressed.
He says, "He has really turned out to be a great character. He's going through a very hard time.
"He went back into the hospital... They found a hole in his heart and he's really been fighting. He's a great fighter.
"During the show, I realised what a tough guy he was - when I first met him, I didn't know him... He really did a great job."
But Trump won't know if his star Apprentice will be available for Sunday night's finale - until just before the show airs.
He adds, "We're just wondering whether or not Bret will be able to make it... This can only happen to me - I have a finale and I don't know if he's gonna be showing up.
"I might have to talk to the audience for two hours about real estate investments."
The signs look good - Michaels took off from his home in Arizona on a flight bound for New York, where the finale will be held, on Sunday morning (23May10). reports the flight had to touch down in Nashville, Tennessee - because Michaels was complaining of "a headache, lower back pain and some cramping in his legs."
After medical attention, he reboarded the private jet bound for New York.