Business tycoon-turned-reality TV star Donald Trump has blasted Rihanna for reconciling with the boyfriend who allegedly beat her up.
The Umbrella singer and Chris Brown are reportedly back together - a month after the shamed R&B singer left Rihanna needing medical attention after a fight in Los Angeles.
And outspoken Trump can't believe what he's hearing.
He rages, "If she goes back, she's a loser and she doesn't deserve to have any future successes."
Trump's comments come just days after U.S. talk show host Oprah Winfrey urged Rihanna to split from Brown.
On her show on Friday (06Mar09), Oprah said, "You need somebody to tell you the truth in this moment. And the truth is guys, both Chris Brown and Rihanna, if I were your friend, I would call you up and I would say 'Give it some time, get yourself some counselling, take care of yourself, heal yourself first.'
"And also, love doesn't hurt. I've been saying this to women for years - love doesn't hurt. And, if a man hits you once, he will hit you again. He will hit you again. I don't care what his plea is, he will hit you again.'"