U.S. property tycoon Donald Trump's bid to build a $1 billion (GBP500 million) golf resort in Scotland has been scuppered by a 55-year-old fisherman. Trump plans to build an eight storey five-star hotel, two championship golf courses and 950 timeshare holiday apartments beside Aberdeenshire. But the Apprentice star is teed off after villager Michael Forbes refused to sell his rustic house for $750,000 (GBP375,000) - which is right in the middle of the proposed golf site. Trump says, "The sad thing is that a gentleman who has a small area near the site... the area is in total disrepair. Take a look at how badly maintained the piece of property is: it's disgusting. Rusty tractors, rusty oil cans - I actually asked him: 'Are you doing this on purpose to try and make it look bad, so I have to pay some more money?' "He's a tough guy, a tough, smart guy." However, Forbes denies his refusal to sell is over money - insisting Trump "can go back to his own country and bother someone else." He adds, "To me, you can't put a price on it. I just won't sell, and he knows that. My family came from here. My grandfather fished down here, my father fished down here and my uncles fished down here, and I'm last in line and will see it out. "They just went mental because I wouldn't sell. They said they'd make my life a misery, which they are."