Pianist BRUCE HORNSBY is Broadway bound after landing a commission to pen music for a new show, tentatively titled SCKBSTD. THE WAY IT IS hitmaker and frontman of THE RANGE is collaborating on songs for the musical with pal CHIP DeMATTEO. He tells Billboard.com, "We're just starting on the long road towards actually realising this. "The streets are littered with greater songwriters than I who have stiffed on Broadway, so I don't hold out any great expectations and high hopes. But it's potentially very exciting." One of the four new songs Hornsby has written for the show so far is a tribute to property tycoon Donald Trump. But the singer/songwriter doesn't want to give too much away yet - for fear of sparking a legal war. He poses, "It's about something happening in real life now. If the person finds out about it, we might be attacked or sued."