LATEST: Property tycoon-turned-U.S. reality TV king Donald Trump's second season of CELEBRITY APPRENTICE will pit jailbirds against straight stars.
Joining controversial Girls Gone Wild boss Joe Francis on the big business challenge will be Kim Kardashian's sister Khloe.
Both minor celebrities spent time in jail in 2008 - Francis ended a 12-month stint behind bars on federal tax evasion charges in March (08) and Kardashian spent three hours in prison in June (08) for a probation violation.
Francis, who has already announced he'll be a part of the new Celebrity Apprentice, has confirmed Kardashian will join him on the show.
He tells, "I will beat Khloe Kardashian on the Apprentice. It will make me very happy to beat Khloe.”
The first season of the show was won by former British newspaper editor-turned-TV personality Piers Morgan. The second season will start shooting later this year (08) and will debut in America in January (08).
Show bosses are still refusing to confirm Francis and Kardashian will be a part of the programme.