While fans and critics warm to Donald Trump's new reality show, they're urging him to take a major step and ditch his signature hairstyle.

Trump, star of new TV sensation The Apprentice, has faced fervent criticism for his comb-over style, which has even been the target of comedy routines by late-night chat show hosts David Letterman and Jay Leno.

The property tycoon says of his hair, "It's been good for me over the years."

Trump, recently described by a couple of top hairdressers as looking like "DONALD DUCK" and "SCROOGE McDUCK", admits he has never had a stylist, adding, "Maybe that's my problem."

But he refuses to let the crew from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy touch him, explaining, "I'm not particularly thrilled with the way they look. But that would get good ratings, wouldn't it?"

22/01/2004 17:22