The controversial Republican U.S. presidential candidate was in Scotland to officially reopen his Trump Turnberry golf resort after refurbishment.

Before Trump could give a planned speech in front of the television news cameras he was interrupted by British comedian and prankster Simon Brodkin who began to hand out golf balls painted red with a swastika at the centre of a white circle.

“The new balls are available from the clubhouse as part of a new Trump Turnberry range," he said. "I forgot to hand them out before, I’m very sorry Mr Trump, and thank you, I apologise."

Looking flustered, Trump ordered his security to remove Brodkin from the press event, telling them to "get him out".

The billionaire whose campaign to become the U.S. Republican Party's nominee for President has seen him attract widespread criticism due to his inflammatory policy proposals such as banning foreign born Muslims from the U.S.

Some of Trump's most strident critics have described his political outlook as reminiscent of Germany's fascist Nazi Party.

The prank on the American politician is not the first stunt the funnyman. At last year's (15) Glastonbury festival in Somerset, England he invaded Kanye West's set by joining him during his performance on stage.

Trump, who looks set to become the U.S. Republican Party's presidential nominee and take on likely Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton in November's (16) presidential election, also found the time to comment on U.K. politics while in the country, as he praised British voters for voting to leave the European Union.

"I said this (Britain voting leave) was going to happen and I think it is a great thing," he said. "Basically, they (Britons) took back their country. That's a great thing."