Comedienne ELLEN DeGENERES has been fired by property tycoon Donald Trump after just a day on the job.

DeGeneres flew from California to New York to appear in a sendup of Trump's hit reality show The Apprentice, in which contenders carry out a range of business tasks as they vie for a job within his empire.

And in a sketch called THE APPRENTICESES, DeGeneres and one of her assistants called HOUSTON sold hot dogs on the sidewalks of Manhattan, outside Trump Tower.

After giving away a horde of the snacks and performing for the assembled crowd, DeGeneres and Houston returned to the boardroom, where Trump dismissed them, after learning they'd spent $4,000 (GBP2,200) on renting their hot dog cart but made only $2 (GBP1.10) from sales.

21/11/2004 10:46