Screen veteran Donald Sutherland has ended speculation he indulged in full sex with his co-star Julie Christie in controversial movie DON'T LOOK NOW, insisting their realistic romp was the result of quality editing.

Director Nicolas Roeg's film attracted a storm of controversy on its 1973 release, and movie buffs have been debating whether or not Sutherland and Christie were actually making love in front of the cameras ever since.

But Sutherland now says, "Don't Look Now. We shot that love scene in a room in the Bauer Grunwald early one morning with Nic Roeg and (cinematographer) TONY RICHMOND.

"Julie and I lay side by side on the bed, Nick yelled instructions, 'Donald kiss Julie's breast, Julie tilt your head back.'

"What made that scene wonderful to people was the editing. The audience never ended up being a voyeur, they watched a cinematic collage and were reminded of themselves. That's what it made it sexy and remembered it was about them the viewer not about Julie and me."