Donald Glover has decided to quit making music because he doesn't consider it ''necessary'' anymore.

The 33-year-old star - whose rap name is Childish Gambino - has balanced his hip-hop career with starring in TV shows and movies, and Donald thinks the time has come for him to walk away from the music business.

He said: ''There's nothing worst than like a third sequel, like a third movie and we're like, 'again?'

''You know, I like it when something's good and when it comes back there's a reason to come back, there's a reason to do that.''

He claimed, too, that continuing his career under the name of Childish Gambino might serve to compromise his ''punk'' approach.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Donald explained: ''Like I feel like there's gotta be a reason to do things and I always had a reason to be punk.

''Being punk just always felt really good to me and we always looked at 'Atlanta' as a punk show and I feel like the direction I would go with Childish Gambino wouldn't be punk anymore.''

Donald has achieved mainstream success with his single 'Redbone' - but the American star is eager not to dilute his musical roots.

He said: ''As much as 'Redbone' is a punk song because it's a gospel song that's on the radio, I'm like there's only so far you can go before you just are the radio.''

Despite his decision, Donald already has plenty of exciting projects in the pipeline, including a role in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' and the standalone Hans Solo 'Star Wars' movie.