The American Pie singer was arrested by police in Maine following an alleged bust-up with his wife, Patrisha, at their Camden home on 18 January (16).

He was released on $10,000 (£6,932) bail and it was subsequently revealed his spouse had obtained a temporary restraining order to keep MCLean away from her.

The 70-year-old denied the accusations and blamed the incident on the "very painful breakdown" of his 29-year marriage, and the estranged couple has since agreed to work through its marital problems behind closed doors.

MCLean was due to answer the misdemeanour in court on 22 February (16), but his attorney, Walter MCKee, reveals the singer will not be attending the hearing after submitting his not guilty plea in writing.

The news emerges two weeks after MCKee confirmed Patrisha's protection order had been lifted so the pair can resolve its issues.

In a statement released in late January (16), MCKee claimed the couple had "agreed to move forward", adding, "Neither party is seeking divorce. This now becomes a private matter."