Don King, the legendary American boxing promoter, has been stopped by security staff at Cleveland's Hopkins International Airport, after attempting to board a plane with ammunition for .38 and .357 caliber hand guns, reports the UK's Daily Mail. The incident, which took place yesterday (12th December 2010), saw officers from the Transportation Safety Administration discover the bullets in King's bag.
King was in Cleveland to attend the funeral of his wife, HENRIETTA KING, who died of stomach cancer on Thursday (9th December 2010) aged 87. The incident is just the latest in a long list of King's run-ins with the law. Back in December 1954, King shot a man dead after he attempted to rob him, however, the killing was ruled to be a 'justifiable homicide'. In April 1966, King began brawling with a man who owed him money in a bar, the fight became more violent and the promoter ended up beating the man to death. He was convicted of second degree murder and served four years in prison after the charge was reduced to manslaughter.
After yesterday's discovery, security confiscated the bullets from the 79-year-old's luggage and he was allowed to continue on his trip to Florida.