Actor Don Johnson still regrets some of the movie scripts he turned down during his 1980s heyday - including the leading role in The Untouchables which made Kevin Costner a superstar. Johnson has never become as successful on the big screen as he was in TV smash Miami Vice, and he attributes this to some poor decisions he made. The 57-year-old tells London radio station Heart FM, "I did turn down a couple of films and my friends ended up doing them but I never told them that I'd turned them down. "I said no to playing ELLIOT NESS in The Untouchables so Kevin Costner did it." However, Johnson doesn't regret all his choices. He adds, "There was a thing in drag that I turned down once. I just couldn't fit in that blue mini-skirt. "I also turned down the reality TV show in the US called Dancing With The Stars. Pretty much everyone's doing that show but I have no regrets over saying no to that."