Don Cheadle thinks George Clooney behaves like an "11 year old".

The 46-year-old actor - who starred alongside the Hollywood hunk in the 'Ocean's' franchise - explained the star once put a rude sticker on Brad Pitt's car while they were filming the movie.

He explained: "He put a bumper stick on Brad Pitt's car that Brad couldn't see, reading, 'Honk if you love c**k! Clooney is 11 years old."

Despite the pair having "respectfully agreed" not to pull pranks on each other, Don admitted he had been the butt of one of George's jokes.

He added to The Guardian newspaper: "He and I have always respectfully agreed not to do that sort of thing to one another.

"But at the time, I was trying to get this Miles Davis project going, and I get a note on Brad Pitt's letterhead saying, 'Hey Don, I just bought the rights to this Miles Davis project and I got Jamie Foxx on board already. I just wondered if I could tug on your coat a while to see what kind of music I should be using'.

"I text Brad and say, 'I'm pretty sure this isn't from you, but put me out of my misery'. And he's like, 'Oh, I smell Clooney on this!'"