Don Cheadle's dreams of playing Miles Davis on the big screen have been stalled by financial problems.
The Hotel Rwanda star admits financiers have been put off the ongoing project because it isn't "your standard middle of the road studio fare".
He tells WENN, "It's still grinding trying to get the finance... It's not a biopic, it's not deep, it's not serious fare, it's not a cradle-to-the-grave overview of his entire life. The movie takes place over a day and a half of his life. It's a very intense day and a half of his life but a lot of people haven't engaged because of what they perceive it's going to be.
"They say, 'We don't want to do a movie like that,' and I say, 'Have you read it?' 'No'. 'Read it and then say you don't want to do a movie like that!'
"It's having to push through and once they read it they go, 'Oh this is great.' Everyone is dying to be the second person to invest in this film."