The Hotel Rwanda star directed Miles Ahead from his own script and plays jazz legend Davis in the new biopic, and he admits the famous trumpeter's spirit rubbed off on him and now he can't go anywhere without his instrument.

"Wynton Marsalis, who is an old friend, gave me my trumpet," Cheadle tells WENN. "He called this one-of-a-kind trumpet maker and said, 'Hey, I know it takes you a year to make one but he needs one now,' so they gave me the shop horn, which was sort of their demo horn, but everybody's played on that horn.

"I almost didn't want to touch it because, to me, it was better than a brand new horn. I spent hours with that unrelenting, mean instrument playing every day.

"It was important to me that I felt like I was trying to reach out to Miles... and that we met somewhere out there, and playing trumpet was an important part of it. I have a personal peeve where I see actors who are playing musicians and it's clear that they don't have any real relationship with the instrument they're playing."

Cheadle reveals that in the movie scenes in which he is playing Miles, he is actually playing along to the jazz great's music, and now he finds great comfort in picking up his trumpet and giving it a toot.

"I travel with my horn every day now," he says. "I actually miss it when I don't play."

But he insists, "There's no Don Cheadle album in the works", adding, "You can hear me play on the soundtrack, though."